Why didn’t I run as a Democrat?

I see America as a land of people.

I see Texas as a land of people.

These people either have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship or they don’t.

The ones that seem to have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship typically seem to be conservative, or republican.

The ones that seem more interested in serving their community at their church or other social service type organization seem to be more democratic.

I believe we need people in office that understand that it is up to them to balance the needs of our business community against the rights of our citizens.

That said though, this line by Senator Tom Cotton pretty well sums up what is happening right now, and I believe the Democrats who have turned their back on our families ability to provide for themselves have done a tremendous amount of damage to the Democratic party.

I think as the Democrats have become a party focused less on kitchen table issues, on what matters to working Arkansans when they’re worried about not having enough paycheck to make it to the end of the month, or worried about, you know, providing for their kid’s braces or their education, that they just focus a lot more on questions of race, gender, sex, identity. And for them, it’s become more of a question of identity than a question about economics and security.


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