What is a government agency even doing sponsoring foreign visa guest workers?

We pay our property taxes and other taxes to help take care of our country, our state, our county, our community, and our citizens.

We do this willingly so that they will have the opportunity to be all that they can be by pursuing our best paying jobs in America so that they can pursue the American Dream.

So tell me, if our Government agencies are using that tax payer money to hire non-immigrant guest workers instead of hiring your qualified family members, would that make you mad?

I’m going to post some spreadsheets here for you to look at that shows what our government agencies are doing that I believe will shock you, and remember, it is your tax money that they are doing this with.

These files have that keyword in either the Employer column or the secondary named business entity column which is where they will be working at, and if you are local to the worksite, you can use the address in the worksite_address1 column to visit their office.

Feel free to share if you think this is wrong for the future of our country.

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