What happened in Radio, TV and Newspaper Publishing if we subtract the H-1B applications?

Any American citizen.

Whether they were born in America, or they legally immigrated to America.

Should be asking themselves, out of the jobs that we create in our country, how many are left for Americans like myself when we send jobs to other countries and import non-immigrant guest workers to take our jobs.

After all, that is what you need to know to provide for your family, is it not?

As an example, are you considering a career in the Newspaper Industry?

How about in Television Broadcasting?

How about in Radio Broadcasting?

As you can see, when you subtract the H-1B applications from the jobs that have been created, the pickings get pretty slim in some occupational groups.

Want to double check my math?

Good, because there is always a chance that I could have fat fingered something and an extra pair of eyes will be appreciated.

You will need the 2010 naics file from the Department of Labor which you can download here:

And you will need the 2018 naics file as well to calculate the jobs gained, or lost between 2010 and 2018:

And then you will need the H-1B applications by year for each naics and you can get them by clicking on the appropriate link:

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