I am a licensed real estate agent.

I have been licensed since 2006.


I also am a software developer with 30 years experience.

Like you, I have been seeking a way to have a web presence without it costing an arm and a leg and I wanted the ability to maintain it myself without having to hire somebody every time I wanted to add a new listing or mark one as sold.

And I wanted somebody to answer my questions when I needed help.

I never found that, so I built it myself.

I realize many will want the best looking site out there that money can buy, but let me ask you a question.

Is your client searching your site using their cell phone while they’re in their vehicle driving around and looking at properties, or maybe next to a ranch where they may not have a great cell phone signal?

Shouldn’t we make it easier on them to view on their phone by making our site easily viewable on their phone?

And save the pictures for when they have found the property that they want to look at.

This is why I have created this site which is my own site, and five sample sites to show you what you can do to maintain your own site.

If you would like to experiment with any of these sample sites to see how easy maintaining your own site can be, please send me a email to virgil@virgilbierschwale.com and I will set you up with a demo.

As for pricing, I simply  get $10.00 per month for hosting which includes free support, training, and my personal assistance with your questions.

Want to get started, let me know what you are doing and I will get you set up, and help you until you are comfortable maintaining your own site and I will continue to support your site for as long as I am hosting your site.