As of Sep 2023, our total nonfarm payroll number was 156,874,000

If we look at the Sep 2023 data for table A-7, we find that we have 161,670,000 employed.

We have 30,213,000 foreign born workers.

We have 131,457,000 native born workers.

Our workforce is made up of 18.69% foreign born workers and 81.31% native born workers.

On Jan 2007 we had 22,356,000 foreign born workers.

On Jan 2007 we had 121,919,000 native born workers.

This was a total of 144,275,000 employed.

Between Jan 2007 and Sep 2023 we had a gain of 17,395,000 workers.

We had a gain of 7,857,000 foreign born workers.

We had a gain of 9,538,000 native born workers.

This means that foreign born workers received 45.17% of all jobs created since Jan 2007.

This means that native born workers received 54.83% of all jobs created since Jan 2007.

This is why so many native born workers like myself are saying they can’t find good paying jobs that they are skilled for.

I believe it is wrong for the future of our country.

That is why I have decided to run for the United States Senate against Senator Cruz.

While we cannot tell private industry who they have to hire, we can demand that our own state financed agencies only hire vendors that require at least 90% of their workforce to be native born workers so that we can protect our citizens future when they have the skills, or are willing to acquire the skills to fill those jobs.

My question to you, if you are in a position to do so, why have you not demanded that our state government agencies and schools that are funded by taxing Texans implement this rule so that they will have the opportunity to strive for a middle class lifestyle when they want too?

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