To understand why American Technology workers are so mad, you need to look at the national job picture

The picture above shows the total of people working in all job categories for 2010 and 2018.

We subtract 2010 from 2018 to get the gain / loss column.

As you can see, our top five jobs are:

Pretty obvious that the top 3 job gains pay less than $16.00 per hour, isn’t it?

How much rent do you think a person getting $640.00 per week before taxes can afford?

The 4th and 5th jobs are decent paying if you can get in there.

Problem is, there are legions of people like myself saying that they have those skills and they can’t get in there, many times because of their age.

So tell me, if a person is between 50 to 65 and they have a family depending on them and they have the skills and our jobs won’t interview them, let alone hire them, what are they supposed to do?

Yep, that is where a lot of the anger comes from.

But lets look at our best paying jobs which is where our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are at.

Before we do that, look at that top 5 list again.

Notice how there are plenty of jobs left for Americans if they can get interviewed and hired?

The STEM jobs for the most part are the ones in red where we have more non-immigrant guest worker applications than we do jobs to fill.

These are the same non-immigrant guest workers that these political representatives put ahead of your American Children when they voted for H.R. 1044.

Want to know who voted for H.R. 1044 and put the guest workers ahead of your family?

These are the same non-immigrant guest workers that these political representatives are putting ahead of your American Children as they gear up to vote for S. 386

As of today there are 3 courageous political representatives standing up for your American children, whether they were born here, or they legally immigrated here.

You can click on that link above to view their names, and they could use your support as well.

As for the political representatives that are throwing your American children under the bus.

Quite simply they deserve your scorn.

Now lets look at the top five best paying jobs in America.

Notice how 2 of them are closed to your American born children, unless they are extremely lucky to know somebody in high places?

Want to double check my math?

Good, because there is always a chance that I could fat finger something.

You will need the 2010 file

You will need the 2018 file

And you will need the number of H-1B applications for each year, broken down by occupational code.

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