The Issues

All issues are important.

As an example, I am a Veteran and I go to the VA for my treatment so most likely I have experienced what you the veteran has experienced.

I also am a displaced STEM (Software, Technology, Engineering and Math) worker so I understand what is happening in the technology field and what you will be facing if you are still younger than 50 when you get older as age discrimination is rampant in the technology industry.

I also have attempted to switch careers and seek stable work as an employee at the VA only to find that age discrimination is rampant there as well.

I also have found myself having to seek unemployment because of the corona virus thing only to be denied unemployment.

I tell you these things so that you will understand that I understand what you are facing.

It is one thing for the President of America or the Governor of Texas to tell us that help is coming, but it is an entirely different matter when that help is held up by bureaucracy and red tape and your family is hurting.

So tell me about your issues and what you consider important for your families future so that I will better understand your needs and so that I can work to resolve them once I am elected.