Texas Economy

We hear that Texas has the strongest economy and is creating the most jobs.

Which is why everybody wants to move here, which is driving up the price of real estate, rent, and everyday expenses.

To understand how we are doing, we need to realize that the data is available to calculate what I’m fixing to show you and you can view it by clicking here.

I decided to compare the year 2000 against the latest year which is 2018 and I think it might shock you.

As an example, here are the top five growing occupations in Texas:

  1. Food Preparation and Serving for a gain of 461,140 jobs and a weekly pay increase of $138.40
  2. Sales for a gain of 339,990 and a weekly pay increase of $184.00
  3. Office and Administrative for a gain of 332,890 and a weekly pay increase of $218.40
  4. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical for a gain of 280,950 and a weekly pay increase of $500.00
  5. Business and Financial Operations for a gain of 273,560 and a weekly pay increase of $519.20

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I think if we would quit sending our jobs to other countries via Free Trade Agreements, and importing a tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers, we could do much better.

What do you think?