Suppose that there was a federal program — one never authorized as such by Congress — that did the following:

  • Took about $3 billion a year away from America’s elderly and infirm;
  • Involved more than a third of a million workers;
  • Gave the money taken from the aging and the sick to employers — including ultra-prosperous companies such as Amazon and JP Morgan Chase — to reward them for hiring foreign college graduates (of U.S. colleges) rather than American (or permanent-resident) graduates of the same schools.

Do you suppose that if such a program did exist, that it would — at the very least — generate controversy and public attention?

It would bring up images of Grandpa and Grandma on an Appalachian dirt farm, or Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim in the slums, and other elderly by the millions, each handing over small bundles of dollars to firms led by Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon. It would be a cartoonist’s delight.

Sadly, there is such a program, such corporate subsidies do exist, and they are used to pay employers to discriminate against American college graduates. It is called Optional Practical Training (though precious little training is involved) and its subsidies are virtually a secret, thanks to what might look like a conspiracy.

Big media writes about OPT, eminent scholars study it, the government issues reports about it, but the massive subsides are virtually never mentioned.

Ask your senator and your congressman why they do not support H.R. 3564.

I would love to hear the answers you get.

As a possible candidate running to be your Senator, I would sign it in a heartbeat.

Click on H.R. 3564 to the left and read all about it, and how about you mothers that are reading it, joining with the mothers that have founded American Workers Coalition.

And by the way, ask the mothers that are running, and the mothers that are currently serving as a Senator or Congress Woman why they are not endorsing it.

After all, if you do not stand up for your parents and your children, who will?

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