Student Debt

I believe that a person should pay their bills, and they shouldn’t incur any bills that they can’t pay.

But let me ask a question.

If we, meaning our Government, Our Schools, and our Businesses tell our kids that if they will become a computer engineer, or a electronics engineer, or even a Doctor as long as they go to school and get a degree, that they can work in the best paying jobs that we have here in America.

And then we send that job to another country.

Or we import a non-immigrant guest worker to take that job here in America.

Leaving that kid with no way to pay the student loan except for a job at Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart.

Do we not have an obligation to make it so that this does not happen?

Many Americans assume that anyone who graduates from medical school is all but guaranteed a financially secure future. Even after assuming large loans to cover the cost of education, the payoff is expected to include at the very least an upper middle class income, a home in a nice neighborhood, a respected position in society and enough income to repay the debt.

Yet since 2011, Dr. Doug Medina has been forced to string together minimum wage jobs and unpaid research positions that barely put food on his table or a roof over his head. The graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine may have earned a doctorate in allopathic medicine, but he has yet to be selected for a residency. Without that training, he cannot be licensed to grab his piece of the American Dream – a lucrative career in medicine that will allow him to pay down a $300,000 student loan.