So small businesses create most of the jobs?

We are told that H-1B non-immigrant guest workers create 2.62 jobs for every 1 H-1B worker.

And we are told that small business creates most of the jobs.

What happens when we analyze the IRS Databooks that should tell an accurate and true picture?

We are going to look at 1040 Filers and Estimated Returns Filers because they have to file estimated returns as small business owners.

On the left, we have the employees, or 1040 based filers.

On the right, we have the estimated return filers.

What do you see?

The records show that we have 36,639,949 more employees filing returns in 2018 than we had in 1995

And we have lost 13,087,551 million small businesses during the same time period.

If we subtract the 27,140,000 Foreign Born Workers that are listed on table A-7, we find that we have only added 9,499,949 Native Born American Workers on a 1040, which is pretty close to the 13,087,551 small business owners that gave up and found a JOB that probably left them Just Over Broke.

And if the 22 million or so of us displaced, and uncounted Americans were able to go back to work by eliminating ALL NON-IMMIGRANT GUEST WORKER VISAS, our economy would be firing on all 8 cylinders again, wouldn’t it?

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