Should our government be allowed to hire non-immigrant guest workers instead of our citizens, many who are veterans?

Veterans like myself are crying out for help.

We are told that we need to retrain so I took their high demand skills training.

We are promised that we will receive employment assistance if we graduate.

So I graduated.

But their employment assistance seems to be to pass you off to the Texas Workforce Commission in my case.

To be fair, people making 2 or 3,000 per month are ill equipped to find work for software developers who have made in the six figure range and it is a complicated industry where many of the hiring managers do not share our beliefs in equal opportunity and prefer to hire via caste as this article demonstrates.

So we turn to what should be a safe haven which is a government job who absolutely has to put Americans first and adhere to our age discrimination laws and other laws.

Only to find out that our own Department of Labor who is responsible for the re-training that I took is not only complicit in allowing our government agencies to utilize non-immigrant guest workers instead of citizens and veterans like myself, but they actually use them themselves.

And then when we are doing our due diligence, we also find that the Department of Veterans affairs also is a user of non-immigrant guest workers and actually allows them to work from China using their own privately owned equipment.

So we apply for jobs that we are qualified for and jobs that we are considered overqualified for to no avail.

And we never get interviewed.

And then one day, we are told like a kindergarten child that we will have to call our supervisor and ask for permission to go to the bathroom, so in frustration we walk out determined to find another job.

Only to have our government, federal and state, totally shut down the economy making it impossible to find work.

So we apply for unemployment only to be denied because we quit.

So we appeal and continue to submit a payment request.

leaving us with a va mortgage and 2 months to come up with a little over $4,000.00 for the forbearance and no way to do that with no job.

so we spend money we don’t have to buy a sign and hang our shingle out.

knowing full well that we don’t stand a chance with no operating capital, so we apply for the sba cares advance where they will give you up to $10,000.00 that is forgivable to help your business and eventually we actually do receive a check for $1,000.00 where we think, do I buy tools to do the work with, or pay the pickup payment.

All this time in the back of our mind is the realization that we actually begged Senators Cruz and Cornyn for help a long time ago only to be thrown under the bus leaving us with little options other than suicide.

Rather than complaining about a system that is broken, we even try to do what we can to fix the system and actually end up on the primary in one case with no money and nothing but a desire to make things work for the people that our government has turned its back on.

and after we lose the primary, we find out how we can stay in the fight because somebody has to do it.

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