Realtor to Realtor

For most of us, our wealth resides in our home if we own a home.

And for those of us that attempt to make a living in the commission only real estate industry, our source of income depends on the seller having qualified buyers that can afford to buy your property.

This means that for most, they make enough to make a mortgage payment on a home that most likely sells for a minimum of at least $200,000.00

When looking at these 2 charts, I want you to ask yourself if you could afford a mortgage of around $200,000.00 on a salary that paid $15.00 per hour or less.

I ask this question because when we send our best paying jobs to other countries and we import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining best paying jobs, we force our highly skilled workers into the situation where the only jobs they are finding are our fastest growing jobs.

I specifically chose California and Texas because they had the largest gain (increase from 2000 to 2018) in our computer and mathematical occupations which is very close to being our highest paying occupation in America.

And I know from what I’ve endured since 2003 that we are not finding work to replace what we made before we got forced out of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) type jobs.

So pay attention to these two charts and ask upper management in your local real estate organizations, state organizations, and national organizations why they are not focusing on these statistics.

This first picture is California since they had the largest growth in Computer and Mathematical Jobs.

This second picture shows what is happening in Texas and it also is sorted by the gain/loss column.

As you can see, when we compare our top two states that had the most growth in our computer and mathematical occupational groups, we can quickly see that it was the 9th fastest growing occupation in Texas and the 7th fastest growing occupation in California

If we focus on the top 5 fastest growing occupational groups, we quickly realize that in the top 5 fastest growing occupations, four of them pay less than $16.56 per hour in both states.

So tell me, what kind of mortgage can you afford when you make $662.40 per week or $34,444.80 per year?

Don’t you think we need to look closer at these Free Trade Agreements that send our buyers and sellers jobs to other countries?

Don’t you think we need to look closer at these non-immigrant guest worker visas that are forcing our buyers and sellers into the lowest paying, fastest growth jobs that our country is producing?

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