Pretty obvious why I can’t work my way into IT with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Click on the link above and look at the secondary entity column and the worksite city column.

Austin is where all of the IT work as far as software development seems to be for the dept of veterans affairs.

As you can see by the picture and list of jobs I’ve applied for, I am never considered and now I know why.

What is not so obvious is that both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Labor guaranteed me in writing “employment assistance” as you can see here.

And I did graduate

The first time they hired me, I had to get Congressman Lamar Smith’s office to get them to do it as they wouldn’t.

Even though they say they are for vets, made up of vets, and employ vets.

But I finally got in there as a janitor and I was damn happy to have that when nobody would hire me as I was deemed overqualified.

But as you can see by all of the applications above, I couldn’t pay my bills on what they paid.

And I couldn’t work my way into IT as it appears that both the department of labor and the department of veterans affairs would rather hire H-1B non-immigrant guest workers instead of Veterans like myself.

Did you also know that they let these guest workers work from Communist China with privately owned equipment?

Here is the rest of the file if you would care to read about it.

Do you understand now why I want to be your Senator?

We need to change the conversation in America and make damn sure that our government agencies only hire citizens so that all of our citizens can find work that want to work.

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