Other Issues

Where do I stand on issues other than jobs and opportunity?


I think it is a terrible thing for all involved.

I can’t imagine being forced to make that decision, but I do understand that their are situations that it might be the only alternative.

I can’t make that decision for that woman.

She has to make it, and live with the consequences.


I served as a radioman on the USS W. S. Sims FF-1059 from 1976 to 1982.

I wasn’t a great sailor as I don’t take direction well, but I was damn good at my job and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as it taught me that I was good with technology.

I have worked at the VA when I couldn’t find work elsewhere, and I have tried like hell to work my way up the ladder while working there only to quit in frustration as the bureaucracy is that bad.

I have attended the VRAP and VRRAP retraining programs that the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs paid for so that I could get back to work in technology only to realize that they wouldn’t hire me even though I had 4 decades worth of the skills that they say they can’t find.

So I understand your frustration and I will work to make changes in both of those organizations.


I grew up on a ranch with a river on it, and I have spent my time hunting and fishing during my early years.

I have seen the frustration of the crowd on January 6th, and I realize that if our government does not start representing the people again instead of our very large businesses and other countries, that we are sitting on top of a volcano that will blow one of these days and I believe our citizens have the right to defend themselves from enemies, foreign and domestic.


List most, I believe the mainstream media until I began to follow Gerald Celente and Ron Paul and Craig Roberts and I began to realize that back around 2014 we, meaning America overthrew a local election, and that by signing the Minsk Agreement, we agreed not to move closer to Russia.

In violation of that treaty we have continued to push Russia further and further into a corner.

What happens when you push somebody into a corner and leave them no other alternative.

What happens when a country like America, instead of doing the pushing ourselves, talks a small country into doing the pushing with the support from America of weapons and money?

It is time to end the money, and bring any troops we have in Ukraine home.


I have some questions about the USS Liberty Incident and the things I hear Judge Napolitano and Gerald Celente discussing in this video.

But those questions don’t need to be answered now.

I’m hearing stories of babies having their head chopped off.

Hamas, you will not win any support doing that.

My thoughts if I was a Senator at this moment is we are going to do everything in our power to avenge those babies.

After that, then we really need to discuss the other issues as it does sound to me like you may have a case.

Some interesting questions are raised in this video.

Border Wall

You probably already know what I think, but I’ll spell it out.

I would find every country boy that needed a job, and old veterans like myself and man that wall, armed, 3 foot apart, with whatever they need to make sure nobody crossed that line without the proper authorization.

Government Spending

We need to (A) find a way to make it so that no bill is voted on that is lumped together with other bills. I do not know the rules in our congress and senate, but there has to be a way and we need to find it so that we can (B) only vote on one thing at a time so that our people in Congress and Senate can read the bill before they vote on it.

Democrats and Republicans

There are good people on all sides. We have to find a way for both sides to work on building an America that is good for all Americans. This go team go policy we currently pursue where we treat it like a football game between the democrats and republicans does nothing to move our country forward to a better and more prosperous country for all that want to pursue the American Dream.

Climate Change

I’m a data guy.

200 years worth of data is not enough for me to make a determination on a planet that is no telling how many years old.

Is it possible?

Of course.

Is it cyclical?



I don’t have any interest in what you do in your own bedroom as long as its not hurting anyone.

Where I do have a problem with it is when you shove it in our face via some of the things I’ve seen happening on tv.

And when you deliberately expose our children to it instead of letting them age at their own pace, yeah I have a problem with that.

Book Bans

The description is too vague to make a decision.

Which book?

What specifically is in it that you believe should be banned?

Does it describe our history accurately.

Is it fiction, non fiction, or porn.

Student Loans

I believe the loans should be paid.

I believe that our businesses and our schools and our government convinced our families that they can’t find enough skilled help, so our families took out that student loan so that they could pursue the American Dream.

But as you’ve seen elsewhere on this site, our businesses sent our best paying jobs to other countries depriving our families, and even our communities of the ability to pursue the American Dream by doing their part to obtain those skills, leaving our children with big box store, low wage jobs that do not pay enough to pay those student loans.

And our businesses, our schools, and our government agencies imported nonimmigrant guest workers on all types of visas, and as you’ve seen elsewhere on this site, prioritized the foreign born workers ahead of our own native born citizens, once again leaving them without the ability to make enough to pay those student loans.

So yes, I believe those loans need to be paid, and I believe that any company that sends work to other countries or imports nonimmigrant guest workers to work in our businesses, our schools, or our government agencies need to pay those student loans and it doesn’t matter to me if they do it via a tax, or we force them to pay them directly in each community as it is our communities that are paying the price for the destruction of our families future.

Why am I running for Senator?

I would rather you do it.

But I’ve looked everywhere and I see and hear nobody with my knowledge of the job market discussing the jobs that your family needs to live a better life than you did.

The last thing I want people to see is a toothless old man campaigning to be their senator (40 years of excessive diet cokes did me in while traveling from job to job nationwide)

Problem is, I see nobody stepping up to the plate, so I will do what I can and I sure could use your help spreading the word if you agree with me.