My Story

I grew up like everybody else in the hill country.

We didn’t have a lot of money and our options when we graduated high school were the oil field, ranching, or the military.

I worked for AMF Tuboscope in Port Gentil Gabon, West Africa and Dual Drilling in Ozona, and Shorty Haul Rig Company in Odessa (some in 76 and again in 84)

Did my time in the Navy as a Radioman onboard the USS W S SIMS FF-1059 for six years and then after that I worked at Bath Iron Works as a marine electrician where we built navy ships and as a Communications Equipment Operator at Brunswick Naval Air Station.

After that I worked for Fairbanks Weighing Division where I traveled the state of Maine installing, repairing and calibrating electronic and mechanical weighing and batching systems.

I am told that the paper mills and textile mills that I used to go to are no longer there as all of that was sent to other countries.

When jobs got scarce in 84 we headed to Odessa, TX and I got a job with Shorty Haul Rig Company and then worked for Halliburton before finding electronics work at KESU Systems in Midland where we did burn-in testing for Texas Instruments.

After a divorce in 88 I started traveling America working as a Computer Software Developer at a lot of large fortune 1,000 type companies in many of our cities across America.

Never went a day without work in my life as I had the skills that our large companies wanted and then suddenly in 2003 I found it nearly impossible to find work.

Over time I came to realize that we contractors had been replaced by non-immigrant guest workers brought in to do the work cheaper and who were willing to work 80 hrs or more while only getting paid for 40 hours if that.

This is why I fight what our businesses are doing to our citizens, friends, and neighbors.

This is why I believe we need to elect politicians who realize that it is up to them to balance the needs of our businesses against the rights of our citizens.