Why didn’t I run as a Democrat?

I see America as a land of people.

I see Texas as a land of people.

These people either have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship or they don’t.

The ones that seem to have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship typically seem to be conservative, or republican.

The ones that seem more interested in serving their community at their church or other social service type organization seem to be more democratic.

I believe we need people in office that understand that it is up to them to balance the needs of our business community against the rights of our citizens.

That said though, this line by Senator Tom Cotton pretty well sums up what is happening right now, and I believe the Democrats who have turned their back on our families ability to provide for themselves have done a tremendous amount of damage to the Democratic party.

I think as the Democrats have become a party focused less on kitchen table issues, on what matters to working Arkansans when they’re worried about not having enough paycheck to make it to the end of the month, or worried about, you know, providing for their kid’s braces or their education, that they just focus a lot more on questions of race, gender, sex, identity. And for them, it’s become more of a question of identity than a question about economics and security.


Bernie Sanders, you are excluding American citizens and that is wrong!

LOS ANGELES — Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders July 26 met with the local ethnic and independent media here – including India-West – in an effort to reach out and engage with minority communities, to explain his campaign’s message of unity and to understand their unique concerns.

In the coming months, his campaign intends to reach out and engage with immigrants and communities of color across the country. The senator was accompanied by his wife Jane and campaign national co-chair Nina Turner. Members of the media representing the Indian American, African American, Filipino, Chinese, Armenian and Latino communities attended the event.

“Long before Donald Trump, we had tribalism, demagogues in this country who divided the country on the basis of race, color and immigration,” Sanders told the gathering. “Contrary to that ideology, we want to bring in all the communities not to look at what divides us but to look at the common issues which brings us together,” Sanders told the reporters, who had been selectively invited to attend the roundtable event.

“It is a struggle to bring everybody together because each community has their individual concerns, however there are some major issues on which we can all come together, such as healthcare, income inequality, gentrification, student debt, climate change, infrastructure, education etc.,” he continued. “My goal as president is to put an end to the climate of divisiveness and hatred that is so prevalent under Trump’s administration and to bring people together as Americans, create a world where we negotiate with international powers through dialogues and not wars, spending less money on weapons of mass destruction and more on alleviating human needs.”


Not one attempt to include the American citizens of all colors, and all races who have seen their jobs sent to other countries and watched as non-immigrant guest workers were imported to take the remaining jobs.

It is as if our Presidential Candidates could care less if you can provide for your family and your concerns are immaterial to them.

I want to change that, but I can’t do it sitting on the sidelines.

And I believe your children, and your grandchildren deserve a future which will give them the opportunity to pursue the American Dream if that is what they want to do.

Why am I running as a Republican to become your Senator?

For some time now, most of us have known something was wrong with our economy, but we didn’t know exactly what it was.

Back around 2012, out of frustration with the system where a person like myself with technology skills couldn’t buy an interview, I threw my hat in the ring to take the place of Kaye Bailey Hutchison



Never stood a chance and I knew I didn’t when I made the announcement, but I also knew something had to be done and NOBODY was addressing the displacement of our STEM (Software, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) workers which has destroyed every one it has touched.

Fast forward now seven years later and as Hilarie T. Gamm stated recently, “15 Years Later – AND – It’s Only Gotten Worse!

I would like to ask you to read all of the pages on this site, and ask your friends to read them as well, and ask yourself, do we want to continue with the status quo and watch as more and more of us are forced from the Workforce?

Or should we elect somebody that understands that it is his/her responsibility to balance the needs of our business community and the rights of our citizens?

I want you to look at the websites of each person running for Senator, and I will provide a link on the left to make it easy for yourself, and ask yourself, why are none of them discussing what I’m showing you here.

Doing more to Keep America At Work, and especially Texas will never be accomplished by allowing our Free Trade Agreements to send jobs to other countries, nor by allowing our business community to import non-immigrant guest workers to take the jobs that you already do, or have done in the past.