Our Political Leaders knew in 2000 that your children would be forced out of the job market

Over the last two decades, concern about what kinds of immigrants come to the U.S. focused largely on excluding those traditionally viewed as least desirable– uneducated, unskilled and illegal immigrants. Most research regarding immigration has shared this focus. But increasingly in recent years, the scope of U.S. immigration policy debate has expanded to encompass questions about the desirability of highly skilled immigrants and temporary workers. These high-skill newcomers boast education, training and talent that could benefit the U.S. economically. But some members of the public, advocates and policy makers fear that this same social and economic capital may threaten U.S. interests by creating competition with American-born workers.

This tension between dual goals–attracting immigrants with the skills to assimilate and contribute economically while ensuring that they do not displace or otherwise harm U.S. workers–was reflected in Congressional wrangling over the number and kind of permanent visas to be issued for employment-based immigration under the Immigration Act of 1990 (Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1991). It arose again in debate over the Immigration Act of 1996, which initially included ultimately unsuccessful proposals to curtail both employment-based permanent immigration and temporary worker visas (Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1997).

But nowhere has this tension been more evident than in the ongoing Congressional debate over the H-1B program, which allows high-tech and other skilled workers into the U.S. for stays of up to several years. The H-1B debate has pitted business leaders who argue that U.S. is suffering from an economically damaging shortage of qualified workers in critical fields like information technology against representatives of labor who counter that the U.S. is caving into the demands of employers who would rather hire cheap foreign labor than train or re-train available U.S. workers (House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, 1998; Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1998).

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This is how little we need to change the conversation in Texas

We need $5,000.00 to get on the ballot.

We need $100,000.00 to start covering the state.

So basically we need $100,000.00

And it is simpler than it sounds;

 $  100,000.00  $  2,500.00                  40
 $  100,000.00  $  1,000.00                100
 $  100,000.00  $     500.00                200
 $  100,000.00  $     100.00            1,000
 $  100,000.00  $        50.00            2,000
 $  100,000.00  $        20.00            5,000
 $  100,000.00  $        10.00          10,000
 $  100,000.00  $          5.00          20,000
 $  100,000.00  $          3.00          33,333

Will you be one of those 33 thousand people?

I know that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us have had our lives destroyed by Free Trade Agreements sending our jobs to other countries and the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers being imported to take the remaining jobs.

Surely it is worth three dollars to fight that?

The reason our 5 fastest growing occupations in Texas just dawned on me.

  1. Food Preparation and Serving Related had a gain of 461,140 jobs
  2. Sales and Related had a gain of 339,990 jobs
  3. Office and Administrative Support had a gain of 332,890 jobs
  4. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical had a gain of 280,950 jobs
  5. Business and Financial Operations had a gain of 273,560 jobs

If you look below, you will realize that #5 Business and Financial Operations had jobs left for Americans after the H-1B applications

So did the other 4.

Problem with sales, while you can make money at it if you’re good, most will fail because it is commission only for the most part..

And the remaining two do not pay enough to pursue the American Dream for the most part.

So Goliath is very confident with $9,070,560.43 in the bank?

DALLASTexas Democrats think they can defeat U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in 2020, and I’m not sure why.
Far more Texans like Cornyn, a former San Antonio judge and Texas attorney general, than U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a former Houston lawyer,
Even liberal Texans like Cornyn more than Cruz. And Cruz still won in 2018 over the $80 million campaign of then-U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke.


I haven’t heard any of them talk about your child’s future being destroyed by those Texas companies sending the job your family needs to another country.

I haven’t heard any of them talk about your child’s future being destroyed by those Texas companies importing a non-immigrant guest worker to take the job that your family needs.

I haven’t heard from any of you either.

Do you care if your husband, wife, or child has a job to provide for your family?

Then maybe you should speak up and let us know.

Believe me, I will listen to you and I will tell your story even though they might not.

You will be heard.

And you will be listened too.

So small businesses create most of the jobs?

We are told that H-1B non-immigrant guest workers create 2.62 jobs for every 1 H-1B worker.

And we are told that small business creates most of the jobs.

What happens when we analyze the IRS Databooks that should tell an accurate and true picture?

We are going to look at 1040 Filers and Estimated Returns Filers because they have to file estimated returns as small business owners.

On the left, we have the employees, or 1040 based filers.

On the right, we have the estimated return filers.

What do you see?

The records show that we have 36,639,949 more employees filing returns in 2018 than we had in 1995

And we have lost 13,087,551 million small businesses during the same time period.

If we subtract the 27,140,000 Foreign Born Workers that are listed on table A-7, we find that we have only added 9,499,949 Native Born American Workers on a 1040, which is pretty close to the 13,087,551 small business owners that gave up and found a JOB that probably left them Just Over Broke.

And if the 22 million or so of us displaced, and uncounted Americans were able to go back to work by eliminating ALL NON-IMMIGRANT GUEST WORKER VISAS, our economy would be firing on all 8 cylinders again, wouldn’t it?

Click on the picture to zoom in

We are told that for every H-1B we hire, we create an additional 2.62 jobs

There is a pressing need for high-skilled talent in South Florida that can be met with sound policy decisions by members of Congress. A thoughtful and responsible approach to revising the visa system, specifically the H-1B visa, should be an essential part of a broader comprehensive immigration reform package that would strengthen Florida’s economy. A foreign-born worker in the United States with a STEM degree from an American university creates 2.62 jobs for American workers.


Interesting statement, isn’t that?

Have you ever heard of the EEO-1?

EEO-1: Who Must File

Standard Form 100 (EEO-1) must be filed by —

  1. All private employers who are:
    1. subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972) with 100 or more employees EXCLUDING state and local governments, public primary and secondary school systems, institutions of higher education, American Indian or Alaska Native tribes and tax-exempt private membership clubs other than labor organizations;OR
    2. subject to Title VII who have fewer than 100 employees if the company is owned or affiliated with another company, or there is centralized ownership, control or management (such as central control of personnel policies and labor relations) so that the group legally constitutes a single enterprise, and the entire enterprise employs a total of 100 or more employees.
  2. All federal contractors (private employers), who:
    1. are not exempt as provided for by 41 CFR 60-1.5,
    2. have 50 or more employees, and
      1. are prime contractors or first-tier subcontractors, and have a contract, subcontract, or purchase order amounting to $50,000 or more; or
      2. serve as a depository of Government funds in any amount, or
      3. a financial institution which is an issuing and paying agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and Savings Notes.

Only those establishments located in the District of Columbia and the 50 states are required to submit Standard Form 100. No reports should be filed for establishments in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or other American Protectorates.


It is pretty obvious that somebody that comes here on a H-1B visa is not going to be able to create any jobs because it is illegal for them to do anything other than work for a business, but lets humor them and look at the number of employees that work for EEO-1 type businesses and the quantity of those businesses.

Click on the picture to make it larger.

The vertical line shows where we had that terrible hiccup in 2008.

So if we had 10 million h-1b workers, we would have a gain of 26,200,000 employees, right?

If we go back to 1996, we had 39,009,339 employees and in 2017 we have 54,415,353 employees.

That is a gain of 15,406,014 employees.

Now the best estimates say we only have about 1 million from what I read, so they should have created 2,620,000 jobs which is hard to prove or disprove.

But if we take 1 million away from that 15,406,014, we end up with 14,406,014 jobs being created which pretty much says that American Businesses and American Employees create a substantial amount of jobs.

So tell me, why are we forcing them out of the work force by using non-immigrant guest workers?

If anything, we should wonder why we have only created 95,193 new EEO-1 type businesses since 1996.

Could it be because we have been sending all of those jobs to other countries?

If so, doesn’t that mean that if we demand that the following rules are adhered too, that we would create substantially more jobs here in America?

  1. It is ok to sell your products to another country
  2. It is ok to open stores/mfg plants in other countries to sell in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to open stores/mfg plants in other countries to sell back to your own country.

Those 3 simple rules if enacted would put an end to tariff’s, offshoring, and everything else that is depriving our citizens of work to provide for their families with.

Over 50, you need to be worried

From time to time, as I run across them, I will add articles here that I believe you need to be concerned about if you are the parent of a child and you want to provide for them into your senior years.

Got a family depending on you, Tough!

First, he went to an executive recruiter, who “informed me he was not in a position to try and help me. When I asked why, he informed me that placing someone over 50 was extremely difficult, but someone over 60 was almost impossible. In fact, he informed me that, should he present me, he would probably lose that client and most likely his job.”
Next, he tried a professional-staffing firm to fill a construction-management opening. Based on his resume,  he recalled that the staff told him “I was the best candidate, with unbelievable experience and a great fit.”
Bill was encouraged, despite the low pay offered. But the clients “felt that I was overqualified. They were afraid of me finding another opportunity and leaving in the middle of the project. I offered to sign a contract which would alleviate those concerns.” No reply.
Then he fell “about as low as one can go”: the job message boards. Bill answered requests for project cost-accountant positions — “basically, starting over.” No replies.


International Business Machines Corp. has fired as many as 100,000 employees in the last few years in an effort to boost its appeal to millennials and make it appear to be as “cool” and “trendy” as Amazon and Google, according to a deposition from a former vice president in an ongoing age discrimination lawsuit.

The technology company is facing several lawsuits accusing it of firing older workers, including a class-action case in Manhattan and individual civil suits filed in California, Pennsylvania and Texas last year.


H.R. 3564

By now you have seen all of the evidence that our employers are sending our jobs to other countries which is depriving your children of a potential good paying job if they work hard and acquire the right skills.

And you have seen evidence of how they are importing non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B to take the remaining good paying jobs away from your children as well.

They will deny it, but the evidence is overwhelming.

As an example, the Department of Labor tracks native born and foreign born employment with Table A-7.

When you analyze that data like I have, you end up with the following graph that proves without a doubt that foreign born are getting the majority of the jobs and since your child does not fit that category, it is pretty evident why so many are having to live at home, isn’t it?

And if we refer to the work that Brightwork Research has done, we find the following:

Maybe you are not aware of it, but the State of Texas is using your hard earned money to deprive your child from working at government jobs as well.

And we don’t have to look to far to find out that Infosys has no problem discriminating against your children, do we?

Not only do they discriminate against your children using YOUR TAX MONEY, they discriminate against their own that want to be Americans just like you and me, and even Santa Claus and Thanksgiving.

Infosys management routinely disparaged Americans, including Mrs. Awasthi, as not having “family values,” and stated that layoffs in America are good because the jobs will be outsourced.Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, telling her that she should not celebrate Thanksgiving because she is Indian, and that therefore she must work on Thanksgiving Day.
Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi’s children for celebrating Thanksgiving, and called them “ABCD” short for “American-Born Confused Desi,” and “IBCD” short for “Indian-Born Confused Desi,” insulting terms used to criticize people of Indian ancestry who are Americanized.
Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating Christmas, saying that “we” do not celebrate Christmas, and that she should not celebrate Christmas. Infosys management repeatedly discussed the quality of Mrs. Awasthi’s work by explicitly commenting on their expectations for “a woman your age.”


Just when you think you have seen it all, let me introduce you to the Student OPT program.

So tell me, if everything is on the up and up with the student trainees, why would you farm them out to remote sites except to profit from them, and why would you not want them talking to the site inspector?

After all, do you have something to hide?

The Congressional Survey reported that passing HR 1044/S386 will do nothing more than incent more immigrants from the same country to continue to flood the domestic labor market, producing more harm rather than resolve the root cause of the monopolization of green cards by a handful of companies and countries. Lee fails to understand that Americans are the ones with “less power to negotiate” good salaries.

By sponsoring S386, Senator Lee and Senator Harris of California represent an anti-diversity platform that hurts women and minorities and seeks to demolish the U.S. middle class. As Lee explains, S386 is “supported by a broad bi-partisan coalition of lawmakers.”
In contrast, Congressman Gosar’s bill is supported, by the American Workers Coalition, the organization co-founded by three mothers, Barbara Birch, Marie Larson, and Hilarie Gamm and backed by thousands of American bi-partisan citizens.

Will the media choose to focus on the American professionals traumatized by “lawmakers” in D.C.? Or will they continue to perpetuate the myth that there is a shortage of domestic, talented professionals? Will they believe the billionaires who continue to employ and promote cheap foreign labor or the American citizens suffering?

This week, the Buffalo News published an Op-Ed offering perspective on the injury to U.S. women professionals as a result of the immigration practices associated with the HR 1044/S386 proposed legislation.

H.R. 3564 seeks to end the OPT loophole. OPT – Optional Practical Training is shutting U.S. college graduates out of jobs. Less than 50% of U.S. citizen STEM graduates are able to land a job in STEM, a direct result of the OPT and CPT program where employers favor foreign students over Americans.

OPT employers enjoy a 15% tax break as do the foreign workers employed under OPT. Estimates indicate that social security and Medicare lose over 2 billion per year in contributions due to the OPT loophole. In 2017, over 275,000 foreign student graduates were employed in the U.S. under OPT.

OPT has no limits, no restrictions, is not merit-based, and is the primary reason American college grads are being passed over for research positions, internships, and jobs.

OPT is being used to discriminate against U.S. citizen college grads. It was devised as a work around to the H1B annual cap, and it has been a huge success. U.S. colleges, universities, hospitals, labs, and corporations are hiring OPT workers before Americans, and the American middle class is suffering.


Now what amazes me, if you read my article on H.R. 1044 & S. 386, then you saw where 22 Texas Congressmen and women were more than happy to sign that Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019

If not, here are there names:

CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15]*02/07/2019
Rep. Hurd, Will [R-TX-23]*02/07/2019
Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]*02/07/2019
Rep. Johnson, Eddie Bernice [D-TX-30]*02/07/2019
Rep. Thornberry, Mac [R-TX-13]02/13/2019
Rep. Garcia, Sylvia R. [D-TX-29]02/13/2019
Rep. Gooden, Lance [R-TX-5]02/13/2019
Rep. Wright, Ron [R-TX-6]02/26/2019
Rep. Green, Al [D-TX-9]02/28/2019
Rep. McCaul, Michael T. [R-TX-10]03/05/2019
Rep. Veasey, Marc A. [D-TX-33]03/05/2019
Rep. Castro, Joaquin [D-TX-20]03/08/2019
Rep. Williams, Roger [R-TX-25]03/08/2019
Rep. Vela, Filemon [D-TX-34]03/12/2019
Rep. Fletcher, Lizzie [D-TX-7]03/26/2019
Rep. Crenshaw, Dan [R-TX-2]03/26/2019
Rep. Taylor, Van [R-TX-3]05/09/2019
Rep. Doggett, Lloyd [D-TX-35]05/14/2019
Rep. Allred, Colin Z. [D-TX-32]05/17/2019
Rep. Granger, Kay [R-TX-12]05/28/2019
Rep. Escobar, Veronica [D-TX-16]06/12/2019
Rep. Flores, Bill [R-TX-17]06/18/2019

And you saw where Senator Cornyn signed the Senate version, did you not?

CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]05/13/2019

So tell me, why have none of them signed the H.R. 3564 – Fairness for High-Skilled Americans Act of 2019?

Do they not want your children to have a future here in America?

See that tab that says Cosponsors?

That is where their names should be.

Perhaps you need to give them a call and a piece of your mind.

Probably better if you get your wives to do it though because they will get MADD and stand up for the future of their children and I pity the poor politician that gets in the way of a Texas Woman who is defending her children.

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1stGohmert, LouieR2267 RHOB(202) 225-3035Natural ResourcesJudiciary
2ndCrenshaw, DanR413 CHOB(202) 225-6565BudgetHomeland Security
3rdTaylor, VanR1404 LHOB(202) 225-4201Education and LaborHomeland Security
4thRatcliffe, JohnR223 CHOB(202) 225-6673Homeland SecurityIntelligenceJudiciaryEthics
5thGooden, LanceR425 CHOB(202) 225-3484Financial Services
6thWright, RonR428 CHOB(202) 225-2002Education and LaborForeign Affairs
7thFletcher, LizzieD1429 LHOB(202) 225-2571Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
8thBrady, KevinR1011 LHOB(202) 225-4901Joint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
9thGreen, AlD2347 RHOB(202) 225-7508Financial ServicesHomeland Security
10thMcCaul, Michael T.R2001 RHOB(202) 225-2401Foreign AffairsHomeland Security
11thConaway, K. MichaelR2469 RHOB(202) 225-3605AgricultureArmed ServicesIntelligence
12thGranger, KayR1026 LHOB(202) 225-5071Appropriations
13thThornberry, MacR2208 RHOB(202) 225-3706Armed Services
14thWeber, RandyR107 CHOB(202) 225-2831Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
15thGonzalez, VicenteD113 CHOB(202) 225-2531Financial ServicesForeign Affairs
16thEscobar, VeronicaD1505 LHOB(202) 225-4831Armed ServicesJudiciary
17thFlores, BillR2228 RHOB(202) 225-6105BudgetEnergy and Commerce
18thJackson Lee, SheilaD2079 RHOB(202) 225-3816BudgetHomeland SecurityJudiciary
19thArrington, JodeyR1029 LHOB(202) 225-4005Ways and Means
20thCastro, JoaquinD2241 RHOB(202) 225-3236Education and LaborForeign AffairsIntelligence
21stRoy, ChipR1319 LHOB(202) 225-4236BudgetOversight and ReformVeterans’ Affairs
22ndOlson, PeteR2133 RHOB(202) 225-5951Energy and CommerceScience, Space, and Technology
23rdHurd, WillR317 CHOB(202) 225-4511AppropriationsIntelligence
24thMarchant, KennyR2304 RHOB(202) 225-6605EthicsWays and Means
25thWilliams, RogerR1708 LHOB(202) 225-9896Financial Services
26thBurgess, MichaelR2161 RHOB(202) 225-7772Energy and CommerceRules
27thCloud, MichaelR1314 LHOB(202) 225-7742Oversight and ReformScience, Space, and Technology
28thCuellar, HenryD2372 RHOB(202) 225-1640Appropriations
29thGarcia, SylviaD1620 LHOB(202) 225-1688Financial ServicesJudiciary
30thJohnson, Eddie BerniceD2306 RHOB(202) 225-8885Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology
31stCarter, JohnR2110 RHOB(202) 225-3864Appropriations
32ndAllred, ColinD328 CHOB(202) 225-2231Foreign AffairsTransportation and InfrastructureVeterans’ Affairs
33rdVeasey, MarcD2348 RHOB(202) 225-9897Energy and CommerceSmall Business
34thVela, FilemonD307 CHOB(202) 225-9901AgricultureArmed Services
35thDoggett, LloydD2307 RHOB(202) 225-4865BudgetJoint Committee on TaxationWays and Means
36thBabin, BrianR2236 RHOB(202) 225-1555Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology

Don’t forget your Senators

Cornyn, John – (R – TX)Class II517 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-2934Contact: www.cornyn.senate.gov/contact

Cruz, Ted – (R – TX)Class I127A Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-5922Contact: www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=form&id=16

Does it make sense to block desperate job seekers, at a time when American employers are desperate for workers?

Having experienced first hand the oversupply of workers and how it forces the older workers out and denies our younger workers the ability to work their way up the ladder, I cringe every time I see an article like this because it is obvious to me that the author has not done their homework.

Will artificial intelligence wipe out demand for workers? “It’s not showing up in the data,” which shows that U.S. productivity has actually been flat as the digital age accelerated, Ozimek says. And our history shows that powerful machines in time “augment humans,” making them more productive, instead of just replacing them. Bottom line: “Immigration doesn’t crowd out U.S. workers,” and it makes the country stronger in proportion to the skills and resources immigrants add to our country.


As an example, I’m a software developer.

This is one of the hottest jobs out there, yet I was unemployed from 24 Aug 2010 till Feb 2016 and nobody would hire me as I was deemed overqualified for most jobs, or I wouldn’t stay when times got better, or I was too old for our tech community which is illegal.

See that line that says “Computer and Mathematical Occupations?

The one where it says we had 364,120 people working in 2018 and 230,190 working in 2000.

That is a gain of 133,930 jobs in 18 years.

That is an increase of 7,440 jobs per year.

And we approved the following H-1B certifications for 2016 alone:

  • 27,775 Computer Systems Analysts
  • 17,314 Software Developers, Applications
  • 13,281 Computer Programmers
  • 9,221 Computer Occupations, All Other
  • 7,707 Software Developers, Systems Software

Now are you understanding why people like myself have been unable to find work?

Why didn’t I run as a Democrat?

I see America as a land of people.

I see Texas as a land of people.

These people either have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship or they don’t.

The ones that seem to have an interest in business, or entrepreneurship typically seem to be conservative, or republican.

The ones that seem more interested in serving their community at their church or other social service type organization seem to be more democratic.

I believe we need people in office that understand that it is up to them to balance the needs of our business community against the rights of our citizens.

That said though, this line by Senator Tom Cotton pretty well sums up what is happening right now, and I believe the Democrats who have turned their back on our families ability to provide for themselves have done a tremendous amount of damage to the Democratic party.

I think as the Democrats have become a party focused less on kitchen table issues, on what matters to working Arkansans when they’re worried about not having enough paycheck to make it to the end of the month, or worried about, you know, providing for their kid’s braces or their education, that they just focus a lot more on questions of race, gender, sex, identity. And for them, it’s become more of a question of identity than a question about economics and security.