Apparently Abbott, Cornyn and Turner consider your families life as worthless as teats on a boar hog.

Click on that Howdy Modi link to view the site.

And then tell me something.

As you can see above, it is impossible for skilled American tech workers, born here, and legally immigrated here, to get computer and mathematical and architecture and engineering jobs.

Now all of these fine folks will deny that this is happening and there must be something wrong with us.

But when we dig deep, we find that the great State of Texas prefers to hire companies like Infosys rather than Americans and Veterans.

So tell me this.

Why is it that Abbott, Cornyn and Turner are not visiting with the americans who say they can’t find work in technology anymore?

Do they care if you can pay your bills?

Do they care if you end up homeless on the streets of Austin.

Our silence is enabling this.

It really is that simple.

Will you help to get me on the ballot to replace Senator Cornyn so that we can change the conversation in Washington, and Austin?

Isn’t it time that we put Americans and Texans first?

Why don’t we apply for other jobs?

It is not that we don’t.

It is that we are not considered.

Dear Virgil Bierschwale,

This notification refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position below:

Position: Food Service Worker WG-7408-2
Hiring Office: Audie L Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital
Location(s): Kerrville, Texas

Veterans Preference: TP – 5-point preference based on active duty in the U.S Armed Forces.

Ineligible for the following position or positions:
WG-7408-2; You were rated ineligible because the information in your application does not indicate that you possess the required trade skills to perform this position.

The following is your referral status for the position or positions to which you applied:
You have not been referred to the hiring manager for position WG-7408-2 in Kerrville, Texas


If you were not referred but it indicates you are eligible above, you are not in the highest group to be referred under the required Category Rating procedures. If you are referred at a later date due to declinations, additional vacancies, etc. you will receive a referral notice; otherwise, this is your final notification.

If you were referred please be aware that this is not a job offer. Applicants that were referred to the hiring manager for this position may be contacted for an interview. All referred applicants will be notified of the final outcome.Your eligibility, education and any veterans’ preference claims made as part of your application remain subject to verification. Your rating may change if you are unable to provide supporting documentation, if requested.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To understand why American Technology workers are so mad, you need to look at the national job picture

The picture above shows the total of people working in all job categories for 2010 and 2018.

We subtract 2010 from 2018 to get the gain / loss column.

As you can see, our top five jobs are:

Pretty obvious that the top 3 job gains pay less than $16.00 per hour, isn’t it?

How much rent do you think a person getting $640.00 per week before taxes can afford?

The 4th and 5th jobs are decent paying if you can get in there.

Problem is, there are legions of people like myself saying that they have those skills and they can’t get in there, many times because of their age.

So tell me, if a person is between 50 to 65 and they have a family depending on them and they have the skills and our jobs won’t interview them, let alone hire them, what are they supposed to do?

Yep, that is where a lot of the anger comes from.

But lets look at our best paying jobs which is where our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are at.

Before we do that, look at that top 5 list again.

Notice how there are plenty of jobs left for Americans if they can get interviewed and hired?

The STEM jobs for the most part are the ones in red where we have more non-immigrant guest worker applications than we do jobs to fill.

These are the same non-immigrant guest workers that these political representatives put ahead of your American Children when they voted for H.R. 1044.

Want to know who voted for H.R. 1044 and put the guest workers ahead of your family?

These are the same non-immigrant guest workers that these political representatives are putting ahead of your American Children as they gear up to vote for S. 386

As of today there are 3 courageous political representatives standing up for your American children, whether they were born here, or they legally immigrated here.

You can click on that link above to view their names, and they could use your support as well.

As for the political representatives that are throwing your American children under the bus.

Quite simply they deserve your scorn.

Now lets look at the top five best paying jobs in America.

Notice how 2 of them are closed to your American born children, unless they are extremely lucky to know somebody in high places?

Want to double check my math?

Good, because there is always a chance that I could fat finger something.

You will need the 2010 file

You will need the 2018 file

And you will need the number of H-1B applications for each year, broken down by occupational code.

What happened in Radio, TV and Newspaper Publishing if we subtract the H-1B applications?

Any American citizen.

Whether they were born in America, or they legally immigrated to America.

Should be asking themselves, out of the jobs that we create in our country, how many are left for Americans like myself when we send jobs to other countries and import non-immigrant guest workers to take our jobs.

After all, that is what you need to know to provide for your family, is it not?

As an example, are you considering a career in the Newspaper Industry?

How about in Television Broadcasting?

How about in Radio Broadcasting?

As you can see, when you subtract the H-1B applications from the jobs that have been created, the pickings get pretty slim in some occupational groups.

Want to double check my math?

Good, because there is always a chance that I could have fat fingered something and an extra pair of eyes will be appreciated.

You will need the 2010 naics file from the Department of Labor which you can download here:

And you will need the 2018 naics file as well to calculate the jobs gained, or lost between 2010 and 2018:

And then you will need the H-1B applications by year for each naics and you can get them by clicking on the appropriate link:

So you work in Radio, TV or the News Media?

I bet each and every one of you has a very interesting story to tell about how you came to be at the level you are currently working at.

You could probably write a book about it.

Hopefully you are at the level that you wanted to be at.

Which is why I wanted to ask you a question.

What would you do if you had been denied the opportunity to strive for the job that you have worked so hard to get?

By denied, I mean what would you do if your company had decided to send your job to another country?

Or they had decided to import non-immigrant guest workers to take your job away from you?

Many will say this is not happening, especially in my industry.

But if we actually do a little bit of homework, we find out that our industry has been hit especially hard.

And we thank god that we were one of the lucky ones.

As you can see by looking at the links shown above, the data is there, and it breaks it down into the different occupations and because we have the 2010 data and the 2018 data, we can easily see if we are gaining or losing when it comes to jobs.

Lets look at Radio First

It looks like the only job gains we have seen are in Business and Financial Operations, Computer and Mathematical and Transportation and Material Moving and when you consider that we have only gained about 1,590 positions in the 2010 to 2018 time frame, ya’ll have been hit especially hard and it looks like ya’ll have lost 12,760 jobs in that same time frame.

Now lets look at Television.

While ya’ll have gained 15,950 jobs, you have lost 2,860 jobs.

There again Business and Financial Operations and Computer and Mathematical seem to be the safe havens.

Now lets look at the Newspaper Publishers.

As we can see, they have been hit especially hard.

Now each of you are aware of which companies have sent their jobs to other countries in your industry and if you’re not, you really should educate yourself on the subject so that you don’t end up in one of those areas that is totally in red in the figures shown above.

But how many of you are aware of which companies in your industry are importing non-immigrant guest workers on the H-1B visa to take your job away from you?

That information is a little bit harder to come by, but I’ve made it easier for you.

As an example, here is a link to the 2019 data that we have so far.

Click on that link, select “NAICS Code” in the drop down and enter the appropriate code that follows, hit the “Submit” button and you can find the information showing which company, how much they paid, etc. to bring somebody in to take your job.

  • 511110
  • 515120
  • 515110

And we can’t even begin to calculate what automation will do at this point, although we are all aware that it is coming.

If you would care to research the years from 2010 to 2018, you can do that by clicking here and selecting “View Hunting Licenses by Year”.

I realize some will still be in denial and say this isn’t happening, but here is a map showing all the cities that have sent jobs to other countries and keep in mind that there can be many companies per city.

And here is a similar map showing how many H-1B non-immigrant guest workers are being imported to take your job away from you.

As you can see, it is pretty well nationwide and keep in mind that the offshoring of jobs aka Free Trade Agreements began around the mid 1970’s and the H-1B non-immigrant guest worker program was began in 1990.

Our political leaders are well aware of this happening as you can see by the following.

Over the last two decades, concern about what kinds of immigrants come to the U.S. focused largely on excluding those traditionally viewed as least desirable– uneducated, unskilled and illegal immigrants. Most research regarding immigration has shared this focus. But increasingly in recent years, the scope of U.S. immigration policy debate has expanded to encompass questions about the desirability of highly skilled immigrants and temporary workers. These high-skill newcomers boast education, training and talent that could benefit the U.S. economically. But some members of the public, advocates and policy makers fear that this same social and economic capital may threaten U.S. interests by creating competition with American-born workers.

This tension between dual goals–attracting immigrants with the skills to assimilate and contribute economically while ensuring that they do not displace or otherwise harm U.S. workers–was reflected in Congressional wrangling over the number and kind of permanent visas to be issued for employment-based immigration under the Immigration Act of 1990 (Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1991). It arose again in debate over the Immigration Act of 1996, which initially included ultimately unsuccessful proposals to curtail both employment-based permanent immigration and temporary worker visas (Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1997).

But nowhere has this tension been more evident than in the ongoing Congressional debate over the H-1B program, which allows high-tech and other skilled workers into the U.S. for stays of up to several years. The H-1B debate has pitted business leaders who argue that U.S. is suffering from an economically damaging shortage of qualified workers in critical fields like information technology against representatives of labor who counter that the U.S. is caving into the demands of employers who would rather hire cheap foreign labor than train or re-train available U.S. workers (House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, 1998; Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1998).

You can click on the download button to read that article.

My position on all of this?

I want everybody in every country to have a job that gives them the ability to provide for their family.

A job that challenges their abilities and keeps them happy and content knowing that they are doing all that they can do.

Just not at the expense of somebody else, and by that I mean, ignoring the economists, it really is very easy to see through all of this if we will but look.

  • As our population increases, we need to create more jobs so that everybody that wants to work can work.
  • But as we send jobs to other countries, this decreases the jobs we have available here in America.
  • And as we import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs, this also decreases the jobs we have available here in America.
  • Which is forcing more and more into homelessness and living out of vans, cars, and with friends.

Is this really the future we want for the best country in our World?

People will ask you why you do not apply for jobs other than computer programmer jobs

That is a fair question.

We actually do.

We simply are not considered.

Case in point, my latest application at the VA was for Industrial Controls Mechanic.

To qualify for this position, applicants must meet all requirements by the closing date of this announcement, 08/16/2019.

EXPERIENCE: A specific length of training and experience is not required, but you must show evidence of training or experience of sufficient scope and quality of your ability to do the work of this position. Evidence which demonstrates you possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the duties of this position must be supported by detailed descriptions of such on your resume. Applicants will be rated in accordance with the OPM Federal Wage System Qualification Standards.

SCREEN-OUT ELEMENT: Your qualifications will first be evaluated against the prescribed screen out element, which usually appears as question 1 in the on-line questionnaire. Those applicants who appear to possess at least the minimal acceptable qualification requirement are considered for further rating; those who do not are rated ineligible and are eliminated. The potential eligibles are then rated against the remainder of the Job Elements:
Test Equipment – Electronics
Troubleshooting (Electronic Equipment)
Use Hand and Power Tools – Electronics
Without more than normal supervision

Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religions; spiritual; community; student; social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

This was the response I received.

Dear Virgil Bierschwale,

This refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position below:
Position Title: Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic
Pay Plan/Series/Grade: WG-2606-11
Hiring Office: Audie L Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital
Location: Kerrville, Texas

Based on the application package you submitted and/or the answers provided on the occupational questionnaire you were found: 
Ineligible for the following position or positions:
WG-2606-11; You were rated ineligible for this position because your application does not indicate that you possess the required trade skills for this position.

You will receive notification of your referral status if you were found eligible and your application is forwarded to the selecting official. If you were found ineligible this is your final notice regarding this vacancy announcement for this position, series/grade and location.

If you have questions regarding this notice please contact MARGAUX PADILLA at MARGAUX.PADILLA@VA.GOV or 210-617-5300 X16516.


Thank you for your interest in employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lets see now, I learned technology in the navy.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator (N5IVV) which requires the knowledge of electronics theory.

I worked at least 10 years as an electronics technician.

I also worked as a WG-2604-08 which is the same as the WG-2606-11 position I applied for, just three pay grades lower.

My answers to their questions can be found via the following link:

My resume I submitted can be found via the following link.

If we turn to the Office of Personnel Management requirements, we find the following:

ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS MECHANIC, GRADE 11 General: Unlike grade 10 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanics, who work on equipment of only moderate complexity, grade 11 mechanics work on highly complex systems of electronic sensing and control. This includes multiple axis numerically controlled (NC) machine tools with continuous path or contouring control capability, such as machining centers and omnia mills; nuclear plant controls; and computer controlled warehousing/stock-handling equipment and centralized environmental monitoring and control systems (EMCS) that use special purpose, dedicated computers to store operating parameters and initiate adjustments. Mechanics at this level require a thorough knowledge of logic circuits, of electronic amplification and control circuits, and of complex electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and/or pneumatic systems. In addition, they must be well grounded in the industrial or environmental control processes to be accomplished by the equipment on which they work in order to properly test and coordinate the various portions of the system. Skill and Knowledge: Grade 11 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanics use greater scope and depth of knowledge than is required at the grade 10 level due to the greater complexity of the systems to be repaired. They must be skilled in the interpretation of engineering drawings that combine electrical and electronic schematics, logic diagrams, and mechanical drawings in order to trace signal flow throughout the system while troubleshooting malfunctions of complex systems, such as an NC machining center with adaptive control where the signal must be traced in digital logic form from the part program in the tape reader through the central processor, in electrical and mechanical form through the machining center to the tool, in electrical and then digital form to the adaptive control micro-processor and then as a digital input to modify the commands from the central processor. They must know the characteristic voltage, current, and signal shape of the input and output of a wide variety of microprocessors, integrated and discrete solid state circuits, and high power vacuum tube or transistor applications in order to recognize indications of improper operation and differentiate them from temporary anomalies introduced by the testing itself. They must be skilled in the interpretation of installation and repair instructions that frequently describe only general applications for the various components rather than their interface with the other components of the specific system, since the various components are often produced by many manufacturers with differing design philosophies such U.S. Office of Personnel Management 8 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic, 2606 TS-53 April 1987 as the case when new NC control units are retrofitted onto older NC machines or EMCS controls are connected through customized interface devices to electrical, mechanic&, pneumatic, or hydraulic controls of components that vary greatly in operating theories and operating tolerances as a result of differing age, purpose, and manufacturers’ practices. Data conversion and processing units are an integral feature of electronic controls at this level. To troubleshoot these, mechanics use Boolean algebra to construct truth tables and logic equations for analysis of logic circuits and the ability to program simple test instructions in the tape language or on an input console to check out particular circuits or functions. Responsibility: Grade 11 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanics receive work assignments from the supervisor in the form of written work orders and inspection reports and oral instructions. They work in accordance with available drawings, technical orders, or specifications. In comparison to the work performed by mechanics at the grade 10 level, work assignments at this level require more judgments and decisions regarding the methods and procedures for completing assignments that may involve extending the use of conventional tools and equipment, and improvising changes to techniques and procedures to reach specified parameters when aging of components or modification of circuits have changed operating conditions. The mechanics are responsible for knowing and judging the impact of repairs, i.e., the effects that changes and adjustments will have on the related integral devices of the equipment serviced. They are also responsible for making further tests and alignments to insure that the completed equipment is aligned and functioning properly. The mechanics plan the work sequence and determine that equipment meets the requirements for serviceability, especially when working in remote user locations. They also are responsible for applying sound judgment in decisions that contribute toward greater operating life and efficient operations. The mechanics at this level must keep abreast of technological changes in the occupation, and provide technical guidance and assistance to lower grade employees. Technical advice is available on unusually difficult problems. Completed work is spot checked for compliance with accepted trade practices and specifications. Physical Effort: Physical effort is the same as that described at the grade 8 level. Working Conditions: Working conditions are the same as those described at the grade 8 level.

From my navy days with complex RF equipment, and test equipment, to my electronic days fixing complex weighing and batching systems to my software days where I’ve worked on mission critical systems of all types, in manufacturing, insurance, banking and even medical systems.

Perhaps it is my age?

I will be 62 on 27 Dec.

I’ve been applying for jobs like this since 2003 when I first got forced out of the Software Industry by the jobs being sent offshore and the tidal wave of guest workers being imported.

And as you can see by the applications that I’ve submitted at the VA alone, I’m never considered, unless I want to be a janitor and stay there until I die.

Destroying the future of our children in Florida

In every state, this is happening.

Yet you will not hear one single political candidate or politician even mentioning this.

Is it that they don’t care if your child or family has a future?

Or is that they simply are not aware of what is happening in Florida, or even America?

This spreadsheet will show you which job occupational groups have seen the greatest gain from 2010 to 2018.

The source of the data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics which you can view by clicking here.

You can click on that picture to zoom in.

To understand what you are seeing, your top five jobs that were increasing are for:

  • Food Preparation and Serving with a gain of 224,800 jobs and a salary of $10.16 per hour
  • Management with a gain of 176,340 and a salary of $43.76 per hour
  • Transportation and Material Moving with a gain of 151,920 and a salary of $14.19 per hour
  • Sales with a gain of 149,850 and a salary of $12.65 per hour
  • Construction and Extraction with a gain of 118,970 and a salary of $17.96 per hour.

Now think about this.

Our government, our colleges and schools, and our businesses are saying that they can’t find enough STEM workers and that you need to go to college and get that degree, no matter what it costs because if you have it, you will be able to get a good paying STEM job and you will have the ability to pay back that student loan.

For those that don’t know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

I’ve highlighted those jobs to make it easier for you to see what your chances are:

You can click on that picture to zoom in.

Unless you want to be a doctor, or a school teacher, you can see that we had many more non-immigrant guest worker applications than we had jobs for them to fill.

Which leaves you making less than than $18.00 per hour for the most part unless you can find a way to start in management and no way to pay back that student loan.

Is this really the future we want to leave for our kids?

If you want to recreate these spreadsheets yourself, you can find the data here:

Florida H-1B applications can be found by clicking here.

We need to push the media to start covering the story of American worker job displacement.

We need Americans in every region of the U.S. and from every socio-economic background to understand that Americans are losing their jobs in finance, engineering, auditing, dentistry, medicine, accounting, insurance, physical therapy, education, customer service and technology due to the silent and systematic replacement of American workers with cheap foreign labor.

Most are in denial that this is happening and it is getting worse.

You really need to click on that link and read the entire article.

I’ve lived this nightmare since 2003.

It is real, and it will destroy everything your family has achieved if we do not tell our political and business leaders that this is unacceptable.