Are your children getting the jobs as Americans in America?

The total nonfarm employment statistics paint a rosy picture of climbing employment for everybody.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

What happens if we strip out the foreign born employed numbers?

If you actually look at the spreadsheet used to prepare these charts, you quickly realize that American Citizens have gained about 16 million jobs since that low around Jan 2010.

Folks, I want everybody in every country to have a job that allows them to provide for their families.

Just not at the expense of our citizens which is what H.R. 1044, and S.386 and the whole lot of non-immigrant guest worker visas make happen.

To reproduce these results yourself to double check my math, you will need the following:

I am attaching the 3 spreadsheets generated by those two links.

Our government knows your future is being destroyed

Those of us who have had our future destroyed by the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers get what is happening.

But those of you that haven’t gone through this do not realize that eventually it will happen to you simply because folks from countries around the World can, and are willing to work for less than it costs you to live in your community.

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