I believe what happened in Odessa and Dallas yesterday was wrong for our future in Texas and we need to hold our leaders accountable for violating our rights.

In a hearing broadcast live on YouTube on Tuesday, Luther said she had no choice but to open her business.

She said she hadn’t earned income since the county’s stay-at-home order was set in March. She applied for one of the federal loans aimed at helping small businesses but didn’t receive it until Sunday, she testified.

“I couldn’t feed my family, and my stylists couldn’t feed their families,” Luther testified, holding a phone to her face from the witness stand so the court reporter could hear her through a mask.

Before issuing his ruling, Moyé gave Luther an opportunity to apologize and promise not to reopen her salon until she was allowed to do so, saying he would consider levying only a fine “in lieu of the incarceration which you’ve demonstrated that you have so clearly earned.”


The owner of Big Daddy Zan’s Bar in Odessa, Gabrielle Ellison, was arrested Monday after a SWAT team was sent to shut her business down. She was charged with violating Gov. Abbott’s executive order that certain small businesses, including bars, remain closed.

Ellison says the financial hardship caused by the mandated closures was the reason she was compelled to reopen her business.

Folks, nothing in our constitution gives the President of America or the Governor of Texas the right to force any of us to close our businesses if we are doing nothing illegal and our citizens need income because trust me, as you can tell by reading this article, I’m there myself.

Do you think the governor or president can force you to lose everything in a state where our ancestors drew a line in the sands at the Alamo?

Release these people, and end this shutdown immediately.

The death numbers are so small that they are almost minuscule when compared to our population and from everything I’ve read they are comprised mostly of older people like myself who may not be in the best health to start with.

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