On Veterans Day, where do I stand on Israel vs Senator Joni Ernst?

I was listening to her on newsmax at 8:07 cst this morning discussing her thoughts on Israel.

You should listen to her if you can find a copy of it, because it seems typical of what all our Senators are saying.

I can describe it in one word.


Myself, I disagree with them and here is what I think of Israel.

Hamas – Destroy them for what they did to the people of Israel.

The people of Gaza have been held in a prison camp and been treated as such by Israel for what seems to be decades, and Israel should be held accountable for what they have done.

The USS Liberty Event – Israel has never been held accountable for what they did to those veterans.

What do I think can be done to put an end to the wars in Israel?

I believe the people of Israel are good people.

I believe we should move all of them to America because this would put an end to the constant wars over there.

Would they do it?

I doubt it.