We are told that for every H-1B we hire, we create an additional 2.62 jobs

There is a pressing need for high-skilled talent in South Florida that can be met with sound policy decisions by members of Congress. A thoughtful and responsible approach to revising the visa system, specifically the H-1B visa, should be an essential part of a broader comprehensive immigration reform package that would strengthen Florida’s economy. A foreign-born worker in the United States with a STEM degree from an American university creates 2.62 jobs for American workers.


Interesting statement, isn’t that?

Have you ever heard of the EEO-1?

EEO-1: Who Must File

Standard Form 100 (EEO-1) must be filed by —

  1. All private employers who are:
    1. subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972) with 100 or more employees EXCLUDING state and local governments, public primary and secondary school systems, institutions of higher education, American Indian or Alaska Native tribes and tax-exempt private membership clubs other than labor organizations;OR
    2. subject to Title VII who have fewer than 100 employees if the company is owned or affiliated with another company, or there is centralized ownership, control or management (such as central control of personnel policies and labor relations) so that the group legally constitutes a single enterprise, and the entire enterprise employs a total of 100 or more employees.
  2. All federal contractors (private employers), who:
    1. are not exempt as provided for by 41 CFR 60-1.5,
    2. have 50 or more employees, and
      1. are prime contractors or first-tier subcontractors, and have a contract, subcontract, or purchase order amounting to $50,000 or more; or
      2. serve as a depository of Government funds in any amount, or
      3. a financial institution which is an issuing and paying agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and Savings Notes.

Only those establishments located in the District of Columbia and the 50 states are required to submit Standard Form 100. No reports should be filed for establishments in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or other American Protectorates.


It is pretty obvious that somebody that comes here on a H-1B visa is not going to be able to create any jobs because it is illegal for them to do anything other than work for a business, but lets humor them and look at the number of employees that work for EEO-1 type businesses and the quantity of those businesses.

Click on the picture to make it larger.

The vertical line shows where we had that terrible hiccup in 2008.

So if we had 10 million h-1b workers, we would have a gain of 26,200,000 employees, right?

If we go back to 1996, we had 39,009,339 employees and in 2017 we have 54,415,353 employees.

That is a gain of 15,406,014 employees.

Now the best estimates say we only have about 1 million from what I read, so they should have created 2,620,000 jobs which is hard to prove or disprove.

But if we take 1 million away from that 15,406,014, we end up with 14,406,014 jobs being created which pretty much says that American Businesses and American Employees create a substantial amount of jobs.

So tell me, why are we forcing them out of the work force by using non-immigrant guest workers?

If anything, we should wonder why we have only created 95,193 new EEO-1 type businesses since 1996.

Could it be because we have been sending all of those jobs to other countries?

If so, doesn’t that mean that if we demand that the following rules are adhered too, that we would create substantially more jobs here in America?

  1. It is ok to sell your products to another country
  2. It is ok to open stores/mfg plants in other countries to sell in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to open stores/mfg plants in other countries to sell back to your own country.

Those 3 simple rules if enacted would put an end to tariff’s, offshoring, and everything else that is depriving our citizens of work to provide for their families with.