Carburetor Problems

I’ve been fighting a problem rebuilding a carburetor all week.

Cleaned everything.

Installed new parts.

Still won’t work.

Found this today when looking for advice:

Is the Tecumseh Carburetor worth repairing?

How much does a new Tecumseh Carburetor cost new?

If the time and parts to repair a Tecumseh Carburetor

exceeds half or more of the price of a new carburetor,

you should consider buying a new Tecumseh Carburetor.

What is your time worth? If you want to learn and have the time, then go for it, repair the carburetor and have fun doing so.

When it becomes frustrating for any reason,

you will be more satisfied with your decision to

just put on a new Tecumseh Carburetor.

This may sound like a sales pitch for a new Tecumseh Carburetor,

but this is the same decision process we use in our repair shop.

If it will take more time and cost of parts to repair a

Tecumseh Carburetor than the cost of a new one,

we simply put on a new Carburetor.

If you are taking your mower into a repair shop, be sure

and ask them to apply the same decision method.

If you know a new Tecumseh Carburetor is priced under $60.00

you may want to consider asking the repair shop to just

put on a new Tecumseh Carburetor for you verses trying to

make the old one work. The shop may charge you for more time

trying to make the old one work, then turn around and charge you

for a simple installation of a New Tecumseh Carburetor after they

realize they can’t make the old one work.

I hate to be this way, but I’m beginning to agree with what is said there.