For decades now we have been electing our politicians to run our government like a business.

On the surface, that is a great concept.

But as our state and federal government are run like a business, and they in turn allow our business community to pursue every option to cut expenses like payroll to the bone by sending our highest paying jobs to low wage countries and importing non-immigrant guest workers who are not aware of their rights and will work 100 hour weeks for smaller and smaller wages, we listen as our citizens say they can’t find jobs, and we watch in horror as our homeless communities grow.

Capitalism without regulation by those who realize it is up to them to balance the needs of our business community and the rights of our citizens is the most destructive force in the World as it seeks maximum profit with zero responsibility to the communities that it operates in.

I hear nobody in our state or federal government discussing that.

I hear none of our candidates in the upcoming election discussing that.

Which means we will continue on this path until we do hear our candidates discussing it.

If this is acceptable, you need do nothing.

If it is not, please help me to change the conversation.