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With your help I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Congress representing Texas and District 11.

I will be running as a Republican.

How do we fix it?

Free Trade Agreements have to be structured using the following 3 rules and adopted by all countries signing the agreements.

  • It is ok to sell your products to another country
  • It is ok to expand to other countries, open up sales outlets and even manufacturing the products in that country as long as you only hire the locals in that country and you only sell those products in that country
  • It is NOT ok to move your manufacturing to another country to escape your countries regulations and salary levels and then turn around and import those products back to your country

Will you help me do this?

They tell me the odds are against a write-in candidate winning.

Which means we have to work harder at getting the message out there.

If you agree with what I have said, will you help me to get signatures in District 11 here in Texas?

Will you help me to spread the word in District 11 here in Texas
(325) 215-1886

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