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With your help I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Congress representing Texas and District 11.

I will be running as a Republican.

We need jobs. Who creates them?

  • IRS Estimated Tax Filers had a decrease of approximately 17 million
    • 39,230,000 in 2000
    • 22,387,449 in 2018
  • Large Businesses filing EEO-1 Reports had an increase of approximately 13 million employees
    • 43,995,543 in 2000
    • 56,073,774 in 2018
  • That is a difference of about 4 million.
    • Could that account for the large number of homeless in America?

Will you help me do this?

They tell me the odds are against a write-in candidate winning.

Which means we have to work harder at getting the message out there.

If you agree with what I have said, will you help me to get signatures in District 11 here in Texas?

Will you help me to spread the word in District 11 here in Texas
(325) 215-1886

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