I blame all of us

As I watch the Republicans blame Ronna McDaniel for the losses Republicans keep incurring, I realize that she is not the problem, and they are not the problem.

We, You and I, are the problem.

We elect them in a go team go patter similar to a football game where we pit the republicans against the democrats.

We do not keep an eye on what they are doing for our citizens and our communities.

So they sign bills tilting the scales heavily to the business side by allowing them to send their best paying jobs offshore.

And we ignore them as they sign bills allowing our businesses, and even our government agencies to import a tidal wave of nonimmigrant guest workers, as many as 9 1/2 million per year into a country where we have historically created an average of 1 1/2 million jobs per year.

Anybody that can do simple math will realize that 8 million people per year will lose their livelihood, and end up on skid row with nowhere to turn, and then we allow our media and our politicians to blame those people saying that they are druggies, etc.

And rather than figuring out that we are the problem and running for office to right the wrongs that we have permitted, we say to ourselves that my one vote will not change anything.

So we sit in silence as our towns, counties, states, country, and our citizens endure a race to the bottom.

And the process repeats, and repeats, and repeats when all that is necessary to stop it is for us to stand up and say no more.

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