Why do Democratic Candidates running against Ted Cruz not want to make america great again?

To me, MAGA means bringing our jobs home, Building things in America, Not being dependent on other countries for the things we need, Able to stand on our own feet.

I cannot comprehend how any American wanting to represent any American would not want to be part of that goal.

Hi, it’s Jeff Sites, the Democratic Army Veteran running for Congress against Jim Jordan.

The Republican Party is in shambles right now. There’s no other way to put it.

After ousting their own Speaker (the first time that has EVER happened), they’ve waffled on picking a Speaker nominee and allowed internal conflict to take over.

They’ve done all of this instead of working for the American people.

And now, they’ve chosen Jim Jordan, a Trump-backed right-wing extremist with lots of friends inside the MAGA caucus.

This is their fearless leader.

I don’t think I have to spell this out for you: Jim Jordan would be a useless leader for a completely unhinged party.

Our country deserves better than that.

That’s why I’m running to defeat Jim Jordan in the next election.

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