Why is it that nobody campaigning to replace Senator Ted Cruz will tell you that 18% of the workforce is getting 50% of all jobs created since 2007?

After all, your ability to have a future depends on it.

I’ve done the math for you.

If you want to do the math yourself, here is the government data.



The first link has native born employed in it, in a excel spreadsheet format.

The second link has foreign born employed in it, in a excel spreadsheet format.

Senator Ted Cruz, Cody Andrews, Carlos Garza, Josiah Ingalls, Rufus Lopez, Montgomery Markland, Colin Allred, Tracy Andrus, Aaron Arguijo, Victor D. Dunn, Meri Gomez, Mark A. Gonzalez, Roland Gutierrez, Steve Keough, John Love III, Heli Rodriguez-Prilliman, Sherri Taylor, Thierry Tchencko, what say you?

Don’t you believe Texans in Texas deserve to be moved to the head of the line if they’re willing to acquire the skills for our best paying jobs?



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