Why do Democratic Candidates running against Ted Cruz not want to make america great again?

To me, MAGA means bringing our jobs home, Building things in America, Not being dependent on other countries for the things we need, Able to stand on our own feet.

I cannot comprehend how any American wanting to represent any American would not want to be part of that goal.

Hi, it’s Jeff Sites, the Democratic Army Veteran running for Congress against Jim Jordan.

The Republican Party is in shambles right now. There’s no other way to put it.

After ousting their own Speaker (the first time that has EVER happened), they’ve waffled on picking a Speaker nominee and allowed internal conflict to take over.

They’ve done all of this instead of working for the American people.

And now, they’ve chosen Jim Jordan, a Trump-backed right-wing extremist with lots of friends inside the MAGA caucus.

This is their fearless leader.

I don’t think I have to spell this out for you: Jim Jordan would be a useless leader for a completely unhinged party.

Our country deserves better than that.

That’s why I’m running to defeat Jim Jordan in the next election.

Does the Department of Veterans Affairs make use of remote workers living in Communist China?

We found that 7 years after the 2006 data breach, VA information security employees still reacted with indifference, little sense of urgency, or responsibility concerning a possible cyber threat incident. Austin Information Technology Center (AITC) OIT employees failed to follow VA information security policy and contract security requirements when they approved VA contractor employees to work remotely and access VA’s network from China and India. One accessed it from China using personally-owned equipment (POE) that he took to and left in China, and the other accessed it from India using POE that he took with him to India and then brought back to the United States (US). After the Acting CIO learned of this improper remote access, he gave verbal instructions for it to cease; however, VA information security employees at all levels failed to quickly respond to stop the practice and to determine if there was a compromise to any VA data as a result of VA’s network being accessed internationally. Further, we found that Linux/UNIX Operating Systems, AITC, as a VA employee, as well as other VA contractor employees, improperly connected to VA’s network from foreign locations.

You can view the complete report by clicking on the following link.


Thousands of information technology workers contracting with U.S. companies have for years secretly sent millions of dollars of their wages to North Korea for use in its ballistic missile program, FBI and Department of Justice officials said.

You won’t hear any of the other candidates, or even Senator Cruz discuss this with you, but this is the reality.

We are destroying American Citizens the opportunity to pursue our best paying jobs so that we can do this.

Where is the sense in this?

The Justice Department said Wednesday that IT workers dispatched and contracted by North Korea to work remotely with companies in St. Louis and elsewhere in the U.S. have been using false identities to get the jobs. The money they earned was funneled to the North Korean weapons program, FBI leaders said at a news conference in St. Louis.

Court documents allege that North Korea’s government dispatched thousands of skilled IT workers to live primarily in China and Russia with the goal of deceiving businesses from the U.S. and elsewhere into hiring them as freelance remote employees. The workers used various techniques to make it look like they were working in the U.S., including paying Americans to use their home Wi-Fi connections, said Jay Greenberg, special agent in charge of the St. Louis FBI office.


Ask tech workers how excess workers can destroy your career choice

Tech workers can tell you how having excessive nonimmigrant guest workers, primarily from India, have destroyed their once bright future.

I myself have been running this ad for over a decade now.

I bring all of this up because I want you to think about this.

If this is happening to our high paying jobs, what will happen in those low paying that you might need just to survive.

If we have more workers for low paying jobs than we do jobs, that will make it hard for you to find a job, won’t it?

Why do we import millions of guest workers when we only have 105,492 technology jobs per year open?

Our technology jobs are the most prized on earth because of the pay.

We have plenty of Americans, many of them Veterans like myself, who have the skills our employers say they can’t find.

Yet we go without work so that nonimmigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B can pursue their American Dream at our expense.

Many well paid lobbyists will convince your political representatives that this is not true, but the data shows otherwise.

The data comes from here if you want to check my figures.


Technology Jobs – Managers and Workers
Year Managers Workers Year Total
2000 11-3021 283480 15-0000 2932810 2000 3216290 Gain / Loss
2001 11-3021 267310 15-0000 2825870 2001 3093180 2000 3216290 (123,110.00)
2002 11-3021 264790 15-0000 2772620 2002 3037410 2001 3093180 (55,770.00)
2003 11-3021 266020 15-0000 2827010 2003 3093030 2002 3037410 55,620.00
2004 11-3021 267390 15-0000 2915300 2004 3182690 2003 3093030 89,660.00
2005 11-3021 259330 15-0000 2952740 2005 3212070 2004 3182690 29,380.00
2006 11-3021 251210 15-0000 3076200 2006 3327410 2005 3212070 115,340.00
2007 11-3021 264990 15-0000 3191360 2007 3456350 2006 3327410 128,940.00
2008 11-3021 276820 15-0000 3308260 2008 3585080 2007 3456350 128,730.00
2009 11-3021 287210 15-0000 3303690 2009 3590900 2008 3585080 5,820.00
2010 11-3021 288660 15-0000 3283950 2010 3572610 2009 3590900 (18,290.00)
2011 11-3021 300830 15-0000 3406720 2011 3707550 2010 3572610 134,940.00
2012 11-3021 309740 15-0000 3578220 2012 3887960 2011 3707550 180,410.00
2013 11-3021 319080 15-0000 3696180 2013 4015260 2012 3887960 127,300.00
2014 11-3021 330360 15-0000 3834180 2014 4164540 2013 4015260 149,280.00
2015 11-3021 341250 15-0000 4005250 2015 4346500 2014 4164540 181,960.00
2016 11-3021 352510 15-0000 4165140 2016 4517650 2015 4346500 171,150.00
2017 11-3021 365690 15-0000 4261460 2017 4627150 2016 4517650 109,500.00
2018 11-3021 391430 15-0000 4384300 2018 4775730 2017 4627150 148,580.00
2019 11-3021 433960 15-0000 4552880 2019 4986840 2018 4775730 211,110.00
2020 11-3021 457290 15-0000 4587700 2020 5044990 2019 4986840 58,150.00
2021 11-3021 485190 15-0000 4654750 2021 5139940 2020 5044990 94,950.00
2022 11-3021 533220 15-0000 5003910 2022 5537130 2021 5139940 397,190.00
2022 5537130
2,320,840.00 Jobs created in 12 years
105,492.73 Average Jobs Created Per Year.

For those wondering why Harvard University does not share our American values.


Why is it that nobody campaigning to replace Senator Ted Cruz will tell you that 18% of the workforce is getting 50% of all jobs created since 2007?

After all, your ability to have a future depends on it.

I’ve done the math for you.

If you want to do the math yourself, here is the government data.



The first link has native born employed in it, in a excel spreadsheet format.

The second link has foreign born employed in it, in a excel spreadsheet format.

Senator Ted Cruz, Cody Andrews, Carlos Garza, Josiah Ingalls, Rufus Lopez, Montgomery Markland, Colin Allred, Tracy Andrus, Aaron Arguijo, Victor D. Dunn, Meri Gomez, Mark A. Gonzalez, Roland Gutierrez, Steve Keough, John Love III, Heli Rodriguez-Prilliman, Sherri Taylor, Thierry Tchencko, what say you?

Don’t you believe Texans in Texas deserve to be moved to the head of the line if they’re willing to acquire the skills for our best paying jobs?



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