The reality that your children, and family, face.

If you or I do nothing, it will continue and more and more American born families will become homeless through no fault of their own.

Here is the reality and I’m more than willing to show you the proof if you want to see it.

We create 1 1/2 million jobs per year on average and have done so between 1939 and today.

We import 9 1/2 million legal nonimmigrant guest workers each year on visas like the H-1B.

If each of them want a job, that means that 8 1/2 million Americans will be displaced from the workforce.

Whether you want to believe it or not is immaterial as I’ve been there which is why I started running this ad about 10 years ago.

In order for someone with my knowledge of the jobs situation to campaign against Senator Cruz, I have to raise $5,000 dollars somewhere between 11 nov and 11 dec of this year to get my name on the ballot.

This will not happen without your support.

Ok, I’ve said my piece.

If you want to study the actual data so that you can help steer your family in a better direction, you can read the rest of this page, and yes, I will respond to your questions and I can be reached at

If you would like to help raise that $5,000 dollars, you can do so by clicking on the following link.


How many jobs do we create each year?

If we’re going to import nonimmigrant guest workers to take jobs and allow illegal immigrants in, they will need jobs, won’t they?

This works out to 1,486,630 jobs per year if you take the average between 1939 and present day.

If you look closely at the right of the chart, you will see that we are creating fewer jobs each year.

If you hold your mouse over the bars of the chart, you can see which president created how many jobs over the previous year.

For those wanting to verify the numbers, you can click here to see the source of this information.

I simply subtract the previous year total from the current year to see if we gained, or lost jobs.

New wpDataTable

wdt_ID Year1 Year1Jobs Year2 Year2Jobs Gains President
1 01/12/1940 34,174 01/12/1939 31,542 2,632 Roosevelt
2 01/12/1941 38,104 01/12/1940 34,174 3,930 Roosevelt
3 01/12/1942 41,915 01/12/1941 38,104 3,811 Roosevelt
4 01/12/1943 42,746 01/12/1942 41,915 831 Roosevelt
5 01/12/1944 41,860 01/12/1943 42,746 -886 Roosevelt
6 01/12/1945 39,110 01/12/1944 41,860 -2,750 Truman
7 01/12/1946 43,379 01/12/1945 39,110 4,269 Truman
8 01/12/1947 44,581 01/12/1946 43,379 1,202 Truman
9 01/12/1948 45,032 01/12/1947 44,581 451 Truman
10 01/12/1949 43,522 01/12/1948 45,032 -1,510 Truman
Avg = 1,198

What happens if we import more nonimmigrant guest workers and illegal immigrants than the jobs we gained over the previous year?

And if we do that, what happens to those people who previously had a job?

How many immigrants do we import each year?

  • 2018 – 533,557
  • 2019 – 462,422
  • 2020 – 240.526
  • 2021 – 285,069
  • 2022 – 493,448

How many nonimmigrant guest workers do we import each year?

  • 2018 – 9,028,026
  • 2019 – 8,742,068
  • 2020 – 4,013,210
  • 2021 – 2,792,083
  • 2022 – 6,815,120

If you want to verify the accuracy of these numbers, you can click here to see the source of this information.

How many illegal immigrants are we allowing in?

That number is hard to find, probably because they do not want you to know the number.

I have heard somewhere around 250,000 per month which would be several million.

Folks, we need legal immigration because it helps us build a better country.

People who immigrate here because they want to be an American and work and live alongside their fellow Americans.

As you can see, that number is manageable when we only create about 1 1/2 million jobs per year as it still leaves room for your family to provide for themselves.

But when we import 5 to 10 million guest workers per year and only create 1 1/2 million jobs, people get forced out of the workforce and that is what I fight.

Why aren’t any of the other candidates doing their part to show you these numbers?

After all, without a job, winning the lottery, or an inheritance, it will be hard for you to survive, won’t it?

To understand the damage that this is doing to your families future, we turn to table A-7

Table A-7 breaks down the employed numbers by foreign born and data born.

Here is the latest one for September 2023.

18.7% of the workforce (foreign born) have received 45.55% of all jobs created since 2007.

81.3% of the workforce (native born) have received 54.45% of all jobs created since 2007.

Now, do you understand why this is bad for your families future?

Will you ask the other candidates and our current state and federal representatives about these numbers?

How about Governor Abbott?

After all, a large portion of the state agencies he is responsible for utilize these foreign born nonimmigrant guest workers which denies you the ability to pursue those good paying jobs.

And yes, I can prove that.

Please ask me how.

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Other Issues.

Where do I stand on other issues?

Please click here to read about my beliefs.

My Solution to the guestworker tidalwave.

We cannot tell our private industry who they can hire.

We can force our state and federal government agencies that use vendors to require in their contract that the vendor supply at least 90% native born American workers, and that they cannot utilize any other workers in the performance of the contract.

This will prevent those companies who would use an American workforce to get the contract and then ship the work back home to their country to be done with less expensive workers.

I have put together a client list from the 2022 H-1B Applications file so that you can see which state and federal agencies in your community use these remote vendors who do not currently hire Americans in America.

You can browse that list here.

Type texas on that search line, or if you live in another state, you can type your state.

New wpDataTable