Are you interested in saving 20% off of your next project?

Like any small company, I have cash flow problems from time to time as I grow.
To help with that, I’m willing to give you twenty percent off of your next project with me, if you will help me find new clients that will send their work my way.

Here are some examples:

  • Web hosting for a year, regularly $100 for only $80
  • Web Page Development for one page, regularly $100 for only $80
  • Migration from another host, regularly $100 for only $80
  • Custom programming, regularly $50 for only $40 per hour.

And as always, I’m willing to bid your projects.

Starting a new project yourself?

I will make it happen.

As an example, a ten page website would typically cost you:

  • $115 for a years hosting and domain registration/renewal
  • $1,000 for ten pages at $100 per page.
  • A total of $1,115 dollars.

I would be willing to do this for you for $892 dollars if the order is placed within the next seven days.

Need something that is not listed here?
Let me know what it is and I will work with you to deliver it.

And thank you for sharing this with anybody you know that is needing help in this area.

Virgil Bierschwale