Why should you vote for me?

With your help I will be a write-in candidate for the United States Congress representing Texas and District 11.

I will be running as a Republican.

By now you know something isn’t right

  • If you are lucky you are able to work from home or considered essential personnel and are still working
  • If you are not, you’re concerned about the corona virus and your own personal economy.
    • Some are able to collect unemployment, but its not enough to pay the bills even with the stimulus check IF you received one.
    • Others are unable to collect unemployment and they’re in danger of losing everything

How did we get here?

  • Since the mid 1970’s many of our businesses have been sending our best paying manufacturing jobs to other countries which has created a service economy here at home.
    • Problem is, a service economy typically pays in the range of minimum wage to $10, $15 or maybe $20 per hour and with the high cost of rent and vehicles, most simply are unable to make it
  • Since 1990 we have also been importing on average about 9 ½ million non-immigrant guest workers, many of which have been brought in to take our remaining best paying jobs from your family leaving your family with one of those service type jobs.

Corona Virus

If we were not importing all of our products from China, would we even be aware that it existed?

We need jobs. Who creates them?

  • IRS Estimated Tax Filers had a decrease of approximately 17 million
    • 39,230,000 in 2000
    • 22,387,449 in 2018
  • Large Businesses filing EEO-1 Reports had an increase of approximately 13 million emplyees
    • 43,995,543 in 2000
    • 56,073,774 in 2018
  • That is a difference of about 4 million.
    • Could that account for the large number of homeless in America?

How do we fix it?

  • Free Trade Agreements have to be structured using the following 3 rules and adopted by all countries signing the agreements.
    • It is ok to sell your products to another country
    • It is ok to expand to other countries, open up sales outlets and even manufacturing the products in that country as long as you only hire the locals in that country and you only sell those products in that country
    • It is NOT ok to move your manufacturing to another country to escape your countries regulations and salary levels and then turn around and import those products back to your country


We have to elect people that understand that it is up to them to develop and maintain the balance that we need between the needs of our businesses and the rights of our citizens.


  • A lot of our governors and mayors have destroyed the rights of our citizens to peacefully assemble, to attend church and to go to work.
  • It seems that they have forgotten that our country was founded on these beliefs.
  • I personally am a numbers guy and the numbers of cases of corona virus as compared to any other flu simply do not justify the methods that these tyrants are implementing.
  • It is time that we replace them with those that understand that your family needs jobs and our country needs balance between the needs of our businesses and the rights of our citizens

Will you help me do this?

  • They tell me the odds are against a write-in candidate winning.
  • Which means we have to work harder at getting the message out there.
  • If you agree with what I have said, will you help me to get signatures in District 11 here in Texas?
  • Will you help me to spread the word in District 11 here in Texas
  • www.VirgilBierschwale.com
  • vbiersch@gmail.com
  • (325) 215-1886