Mower & Computer Repair

I was a software developer for about 30 years.

Before that I worked as an electronics technician after getting out of the navy as a Radioman.

And before that I loved drag racing my 72 Nova SS 350.

So if it consists of mechanical components or electronic components or even some type of computer, I can probably fix it, or point you in the right direction if it is beyond my capabilities.

I am located at the corner of 10th And Hackberry St in Junction, TX.

My cell phone number is (830) 928-9387 and my home phone number is (325) 215-2057 and my shop number is (830) 542-9001

I also am willing to take a look at other items if you’re having a hard time getting them fixed.

I charge $40.00 per hour, Guarantee my work, and I won’t charge you if I can’t fix it, unless I can fix it and you choose not to repair it because of cost.

I also will build a website for you for $500.00 and host it for a monthly fee of $20.00 per month with one of the fastest, most secure hosting companies that I have found so far.